Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Today is EmmaLee's last day at her old school. I figured it would be nice for her to attend the Valentines Day Party that they are having with the kids she has gotten to know there, rather than throw her into a brand new school with lots of unfamiliar faces on this holiday.

I really wanted to make her teachers some kind of appreciation gifts, but with the packing and moving and all our stuff being in boxes, I ran out of time. So when I saw these adorable pencil valentines I thought that would be a perfect "teacher" gift to give to all the staff that has helped her this year.
 Coming up with some catchy sayings for them was harder than you would think! I only came up with 4, and out of them I really only like the two that have "write" and "No. 2" on them.

 I made up these Valentine Cards to tie onto the pencils in Photoshop. Love that program.

 On the back of the card is a place for EmmaLee to write her name.
Thanks for looking! I know Valentines Day is now over but these would be great teacher gifts anytime of year so if you want the file for the Cards, leave me a comment with your email and I will send the PDF file to you. Or feel free to save the pictures below for your own PERSONAL use. Thanks!


Brooke Cosper said...

Good job! Those are cute!

cookies and cups said...

Very cool! Love the way you folded the paper in creases like on a pencil :)

Anonymous said...

I need Photoshop! Love this project. I'm sure her teachers will appreciate it, too!

Nina said...

These are super cute! Did you buy the candy pencils as is or did you make it? If you made it, do you mind sharing what candy you used and how you made the wrapper?? Pretty Please....


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