Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Little Lamb Baby Shower

I think this theme is so sweet! Can you just picture how cute a baby's nursery would be all decorated up like this!?!  Here's all the pics on my latest baby shower.

Well, I made these up in Photoshop but I couldn't decide which color combination I liked best..... so I printed up and sent out some of all three!

BTW, the lamb image is actually from the Cricut Cartridge- Paper Doll Dress Up. It's an accessory to the nativity paper dolls. It's so darn cute though right?!!
This is the "Little Lamb" Diaper Cake I made. I put fences and tufts of grass throughout it and lambs sticking up here and there.
There are borders of grass around the fabric of each layer then wrapped with coordinating ribbon. I also have little silk rosettes tucked in by the fences.
I made a spring for the Large Lamb on top to sway back and forth on. It looks like he's jumping over the fence! It turned out so cute! I was really happy with it! The trees are a nice touch too I think.
I threw this baby shower for my friend Janean who was there with me when I tackled my first Diaper Cake and Carriages, so I thought she would really appreciate it if I made them for her too! Here I have the lambs all tucked in with their hands/feet sticking out! Okay- obviously they aren't hands and feet, what are they called? Hoofs? Hooves? I mistakenly called them paws on one occasion! :-) Hee Hee!

I made some ruffled crepe paper streamers with my cool new ruffle foot attachment for my sewing machine! It also made making the ruffle bum onesies I have done a few of SO EASY!!!
The Baby's Name Banner and "Its A Girl" Banner.
This is the table set up in the entryway at the baby shower. Has Guest Book, Guessing Game, and Party Favors displayed on it.
I made the Guest Book like a mini scrapbook. Each guest wrote a note on a small scrapbook page that I inserted into the album.
 Guest Book Front Cover. Back cover is an extra Invitation (not shown).
 I set up a little guessing game on the front table. It wasn't really planned out, I just ended up with a lot of extra marshmallows after filling the party favor bags, and had an extra tree and grass pieces left over from the Diaper Cake, so the idea was born.
How many do you think is in there? Someone at the Baby Shower actually guessed one number away from it!
 These little guys are note/picture holders. They each have two clothespins glued onto the back of them.
These were the party favor bags. Honestly, I don't know who eats marshmallows plain for a little snack, but I couldn't resist the fluffy sheep-like texture so I did it anyway. Wait- what am I talking about?!! Aren't Marshmallow Pops all the rage now?!!  :-)  I started with white marshmallows, but they just weren't as cute as I pictured in my head, I think the pastel ones turned out really nice.
The little bags are cut out from my Tags, Bags, Boxes, and More Cricut cartridge. They ended up being about 3 1/2 inches tall after cutting the zig-zag top and folding down. That's the same lamb from PPDU Cartridge again, and the "Thank You" is a stamp.
The Fuzzy Sock Cupcakes I made to give as game prizes. They have a little red button on top, which is hard to see...

There was a pretty clever game I had never heard of before, which was surprisingly difficult! What they did was hand out a blank sheet of paper to each person and you had one minute to rip out some kind of shape that has to do with babies....BUT you had to do it behind your back! Seriously it was hard! You know me, as perfect as I always try to make things, mine was BY FAR the WORST!! Some people did really great little tear out babies and dolls, binkis, etc. I was trying to make a rattle, and ended up with something resembling a bra! Melissa was pretty clever and left it a rectangle as a baby wipe! Ha!

Okay back to the party, so Janean has Celiac's which is a gluten allergy, and we made sure that everything at the party she could eat. That meant a lot of fresh fruit and veggies, some cheeses and gluten-free crackers, and a few gluten-free desserts (from box mixes). My friend Ashleen (from Alaskan Baby Shower) made all the food for the shower, it was delicious and so pretty!
She made some yummy little cakes that she decorated with pink sparkling sugar and a stencil I cut for her on my Cricut to match everything with the same lamb design.
I made some napkin rings and decorated some cups...
And of course, I made her a mobile with cute little lambs and 3-D flowers.
I love the view from below!
Lastly, I decorated a clear box from Michaels to match all the Baby Shower decor and filled it with the Ruffle Bum Onesie, and two Stretchy Headbands with Flower Clips.
And here's me. Hope you liked my all my fun Party Ideas! Thanks for stopping by!

Oh- I also set up a facebook page for my Party Planning stuff. Check it out and "Like" me for lots of updates on parties and ideas and such!


SherriB said...

This is the cutest baby shower ever! The little lamb is so precious. Are you sharing the details of these darling favors? If so, I would really love them.


Queli said...

Everything is so cute! Where were you when I was having a baby shower!! ;) I hope you guys are doing well. We think of you guys all the time!

Janean said...

Of course this one is my favorite that you have done ;)! I really LOVED EVERYTHING. You are amazing! So many cute ideas. The lamb in the carriage is so cute.

Spanish said...

Love the theme! you did am amazing job, could you please let me know how you made the party favors and I love the diaper lamb cake, so beautiful


Elizabeth (Beth) Moore said...

Absolutely amazing work... you thought of every little detail and each item is so very pretty! Thank you for sharing!

nvogue2000 said...

Darling shower!! She's clearly a very dear friend for the time you took putting into this! Did you crochet your baby headbands or buy them? My mom makes flowers and we've been looking for headbands to put them on. Awesome work!

Kate said...

I just came from the message board to read more about all these wonderful things you've made. Wow! Everything looks fantastic. What a labour of love but worth every cut!! How special for your friend!

dgroovy said...

First of all I am surprised you only have 4 comments. You are amazing. I can't believe you sis all this!!!!! My daughter in law is expecting at the end of June do you think I have enough time to work on this much stuff. oh yea I also work full time. I'am going to try and come up with a them and get busy. You have inspired me. Thank you for sharing this.

Barbara Perez said...

WOW! i am blown away! you did a great Job!! my daughter just told me shes having a girl, and i love your ideas and i want to say 201 MM in the jar....

suez said...

This is my first visit but you can be assured I will be back. This is such a cute idea. I would love to know the paper line you used. Thanks for some great inspiration.

scrapdiva said...

Beautiful, which cricut cartridge if any did you used to make the lamb and flowers

Boopster said...

I liked your ideas so much, I used some of them for my daughter's baby shower last weekend. Here are some pictures of what I did:


Thanks for your inspirational post!

Jani said...

Adorable! So many details. Drop by my blog and look at the tiara crown, cupcake wrapper and decorations I did a few days ago. They are not nearly as detailed as these decos but I think you will like them :)


Faith Abigail Designs said...

What a fantastic baby shower! I can't even imagine the time and work you put in to this. Amazing job! I have featured your projects on Fantabulous Cricut Blog's Fantabulous Friday!


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