Friday, February 11, 2011

Picture Spinners

It's Christmas!!

Well, not really... but for some of our family in Utah it is, because they just received their Christmas package that we sent Dec. 19th. So, for almost two months the Post Office has been sitting on our package, they claim they had no idea where it was but from what I was told it looked like something had been spilled onto the box and had a huge HAZMAT sticker on it so that's probably why it was being held. We better be able to get our money back! We paid $50 to get it there in 2-4 days (Priority Mail) and they obviously didn't do what we paid for, so we want a refund!!

Anyways, now I'm super excited to show you what we made for our Christmas Gifts this year!!! We're calling them Picture Spinners....
The blocks are threaded onto a dowel and spaced by wooden beads. You can spin them individually, which is pretty cool! Giving proper credit: My husband came up with this design totally on his own. Pretty creative guy I've got myself huh!

So what do you think? They weren't that hard to make, it's just a 4x4 cut into blocks. We drilled through the blocks, and beads (that part was tough!), bought a wooden plaque and dowel, painted it all and assembled it with our pictures mod podged onto it. 

But you know how the first time you make something you always seem to do things the hard way and then you figure out some trick that would have made your life easier after you've already spent hours doing it?? That was us.

We didn't make one for ourselves or one other grandparent, so I am definitely going to make more. And this time it will be much easier. Actually, a friend of mine has talked me into teaching a craft night once we are all settled into our new home and showing some gals how to make them. It will be fun!


Jani said...

I love these! What a creative idea. said...

I love this idea. I am pinning it onto my market stall board because I think it has some display possibilities.
Thanks for sharing - and way to go hubby - great design!


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