Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Party Planner and Event Designer- Handouts

So now that I've decided to give this party planning idea a go, I made up these hand-outs in Photoshop of my previous parties to give to the ladies I threw the parties for so that they can hand them out whenever anyone comments on their baby showers and asks about it.

(You can click on the pictures to see them larger and more details)
Carolyn's Baby Shower

So, the more I play around with Photoshop CS4 the more I LOVE IT!!  I scanned in the invitation from Carolyn's shower and extracted elements from it. Like that black scalloped border, it is made by a paper punch I have that I bordered the envelope with and the pink paper is the actual paper I used to make the envelopes out of. And the pregnant lady, that's a $1 stamp from Michaels. The blacked out umbrella is from a Cricut cartridge that I used on the banner then extracted out of a photo to use in my title. If you think about it that way you're not limited to just using digital images and fonts available on the internet. I literally have thousands of options between all the scrapbooking tools that I have and all the Cricut cartridges I own!!

These two are basically the same but I wasn't happy with  the way the left one turned out so I revised it into the one on the right and I included some more information about my services.
The font I used on these and the baby shower decorations is called Christie.

Melissa's Baby Shower

Same thing with these ones, I did the left first, didn't like it, changed it to the right one. I'm just including both of them on here to show the different aspects of the parties.

Now here's my Photoshop details: The title is actually the font on the Life is a Beach Cricut cartridge. I didn't even have to cut them out and photograph them, I just arranged them on my Cricut Design Studio program and pushed the Print Screen button to copy-paste them into Photoshop. Easy Peasy!

The It's A Boy charms are all from photos of the actual banner!! It was a little work to extract them cleanly from the photos but it was worth it, so cute! Thanks for looking (and making it to the end of this boring technical post). If you see something you like feel free to say so... I love comments!!

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Janean said...

Good idea! Your definately good at party planning and designing!


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