Friday, October 29, 2010

Paper Mobile/ Chandelier with Butterflies and Origami Flowers

A friend of mine hired me to make her some paper mobiles for her daughters' rooms. She didn't give me any guidelines really, she just requested butterflies and flowers and supplied me the pillow shams to their new bedding sets so I could match the paper to them.  Here's what I came up with.

They ended up really long, like 3 feet or more, but once we got them hung above the girls' beds we just snipped pieces off the ones that were too long.

I found a tutorial on how to make these cute origami flowers (here) and really wanted to use them for something... So I put them around the border of the metal hoop. And a few hanging down on a strand from the center of the hoop.

Some of the Butterflies are 3D and have different colors on each side. The string is fishing line and I just hot-glued the paper together with the line sandwiched between. It holds really well. I even tried pulling a piece off really hard... and ended up hurting my hand with the fishing line, oops... Guess this can be kinda dangerous since fishing line is NOT very forgiving. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN!  :-)

I used some fabric to wrap the edges of the hoop and then pulled it towards the center to give it a tent-like canopy look. The yellow sheer is prettier than the purple silk/satin because it allows more light to flow through and looks brighter and more cheerful.

Each Mobile has 19 strands hanging down. 6 strands of glitter-paper circles around the inner hoop, 12 strands along the outer hoop with butterflies and flowers, and the center strand with 4-5 origami flowers hanging facing downward.

Even though the purple fabric is darker, I really like the way the pleated lines look in the center... so perfect!

And this is the ugly view of the top... Just in case you were wondering how all that wrapping made the rest of it look.

Thanks for looking, I have put these up for sell in my ETSY shop. Not these exact ones, but something customized Just For You!!

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Sandy Ang said...

Wow - this is just stunning !


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