Saturday, October 16, 2010

Baby Shower - Black and White, and PINK!

I have wanted to get my hands on these pictures for a VERY LONG time... This is the baby shower I helped throw for my friend Carolyn back in May. I made the diaper cake and carriages and huge tissue paper pom-poms to hang all over the apartment.

You can't quite see the counter with the food on it, but I ran some ribbon and tulle along the edge of it, and made some cute little food picks for the chicken sandwiches.

On the other side of the room was the banner, some more pom-poms, a handmade cardboard vase (for silk flowers), and the tray of party favors (which we never got any pictures of). More about that later...

I made the banner with my Cricut and strung it up with some tulle. The pink paper I used is actually kinda shimmery.

Also across the room on the counter with the food was this silverware holder I made. A little overkill I will admit, but it was cute. The images on it are stamped, cut out, and adhered with foam tape to make them pop out. I don't have other pictures but on the back is an image of a pregnant lady, some baby feet, and a stork.

The baby shower was held in a secure apartment building... which meant we had to physically let each person in! Did I mention we were on the third floor?!! So I hung this sign so people would know to ring the buzzer and I would run down to let them in. And run down I did!!! Like 20 times!! Good workout I guess...

I fancied up this little notebook for the Guest Book so they would have something to do while they waited on me to let them in.

So what do you think? Not bad for my first party right? I had so many compliments and suggestions to start up my own party planning business that I started to really contemplate all the aspects of it... 
I think I just might give it a shot!! :-)

Here's the invitation:

Envelope Front and Back

Invite Front and Back

Okay- if you're still here after all these pictures and my extremely boring captions, here's the story about the party favors...  I made a mixture of mixed nuts and dinner mints to put in these little clear bags. Then I made a matching topper to staple them shut and tied ribbon onto to carry.  Not funny? Just wait.  So, for some reason instead of calling them party favors someone (my husband) started referring  to them as "Nut Sacks". Yup, it stuck. All night we were coming up with new "Nut Sack" jokes for them.  On a few occasions we actually told some guests "Don't forget to grab your "nut sack" before you leave"!!
Okay I guess it might have been funnier in person... 
Oh well, we got a lot of laughs!


Janean said...

Ok...I want you to throw my shower!! :)

tgood said...

You need to come to Utah to visit... So you can throw me the cutest baby shower ever!! I love and miss you guys!!

Sana Hurzuk said...

very cute stuff, did u make all the printables yourself? I am planning to throw a similar party and if you could share the printables it would be great!!



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