Sunday, October 10, 2010

Life is a Beach - Surf's Up Baby Shower

Okay- I can't believe it's taken me this long to finally get these photos edited to put on here!!!  I was really upset that I didn't get any pictures before or during the party, the only ones we snapped were after it was over and we had already cleaned up all the food and the lovely table display!    :-(     Well, here's Melissa's Baby Shower...

You probably already saw the Surfboard Sugar Cookies in a previous post because I was just so proud of them I couldn't get enough pictures!! Sorry about the repeats.

I made a life-size surfboard prop out of foam-core board. Well, not exactly life size, but it was big...  :-)

Here's some of the decorations... I thought it would look super "beachy" if we draped towels along the banister like you would see at the dock... Unfortunately someone said that their first impression was that we forgot to put the laundry away LOL!

I made the Surf's Up sign on my Cricut and made it huge using Design Studio, but I had to 
piece it together in like 5 separate parts.

I loved the banner that I made!! It was made with the Life Is A Beach cartridge. I embellished it with ribbon on the bikini and flip flops, jewels, and lots of glitter.

Instead of games I planned a baby shower craft, painting onesies with freezer paper stencils  I cut out beforehand. I love how cute they look hanging on the clothesline!!

I just had to throw this one in here!! :-)
EmmaLee pretending to Surf!! 

Last of all, I am so excited to show you how Melissa used all the baby shower decorations in Calvin's Nursery!! So Cute!!!

Did you notice the pineapples??  :-)

Here's the links to the previous posts about Melissa's baby shower.


Janean said...

This turned out really cute! I wish I could have come to Ashleen''ll have to post some pictures of her's too!

katie said...

I LOVED what you did! I just unpacked my "life's a beach" but can't figure it out. HELP. I can't figure out how to do the layers,like the flowers you have on the surf board. If I want 3 or more colors (like you) how do I do it? Also was that vinyle? I have used 2 of the Mickey Mouse ones and the shapes one, but they all have clear layers and this one is so different I am really lost. I hope to do something half as good as yours! Thanks for your help!

MsJay said...

Everything looks Awesome!


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