Friday, August 5, 2011

SVG Attic DT Friday! Tangled Lantern

So I was completely swamped with projects when SVG Attic was having their Lantern Contest a few weeks ago and although I got mine started, I just ran out of time to finish it. Lol! But here it is nonetheless, I spent a lot of time designing it to look like scenes from our most recently favorite Disney movie "Tangled". If you haven't seen the movie, you probably wont understand the lantern. But you should definitely go out and rent it tonight! Or better yet, just buy it. It's totally worth it!!

Anyways, you know the drill, here's a million pictures coming at ya!  :-)

The sun has a huge significance in the movie and it just happens to look awesome on a lantern!!

Side 2 is Rapunzel's tower with a glowing window, and Rapunzel's magic golden hair all glowing.

Side 3- Rapunzel in the boat with Flynn (not pictured) looking at all the floating lanterns around them. And yes, her hair is braided just like in the movie!

Side 4-Rapunzel on the tree tops staring at the "floating lights" far away.

I tell ya, I used a TON of twine on this lantern!! Lol! But it just looks so cute as her hair!! I got my twine from The Twinery. They were the ones with the best selection of colors, and I needed a sunshine yellow!

I braided some sheer wired ribbon for the handle and tied a bow around the top so it wouldn't look so bare up there. 

Now the best ones....... Lights off!

Here's my inspiration pictures I found online......

Now for the details. I used soooooo many sets from SVG Attic to make this lantern!

I used Cape Cod for:
-the "tower" (which is the lighthouse svg)
-the grassy hill (supposed to be the sandbar)
-the sailboat (which I modified and added a swirl to)

Just Beachy for:
-the sun
-the waves

Luau set for:
-the lanterns
-the grass skirt (welded to the lighthouse for a "thatched roof" look)

Paper Dolls:
-the woman

Summer Lanterns:
-obviously the lantern
-the bushes (at the base of the tower)
-the bricks for the chimney (modified to fit the shape of the lighthouse)

Give a Hoot Set:
-vines for side of tower
-long branch with swirl on it (modified and welded to the boat)

Just so you know, I use Make The Cut with my Cricut Expression to cut out my SVG files. I absolutely cannot live without MTC!! Because of that program I am able to manipulate and change different svg files to make them suit my needs. For instance, the bricks on the side of the tower, are really from the chimney bricks in the house lantern file, and I was able to crop them into the right shape to cut out of one the tower layers.

I am thinking of doing a video tutorial on some of these MTC tricks that I know. Is that something anyone might be interested in seeing??

Another useful tool in Make The Cut, is the rhinestone feature. A couple weeks ago I was hearing about a fun tool called the Sew Easy, which basically just punches stitching holes into your paper in certain designs. Someone mentioned that they thought it would be neat if someone made a tool that would cut the stitching holes in a variety of shapes.

Well, MTC already does!! It's called the Rhinestone tool. If you have MTC, try it!!!  That is how I made the holes around the sun on my lantern! You could totally use it for threading twine or embroidery floss through in any shapes!!! How cute would a rainbow card that way be?!!!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you like my Tangled Lantern, and if you are one of the few people who has not seen this movie, seriously, go do it now! :-)

-Anna Dawn


Bee Burg said...

OH. MY. WORLD! I had to call my 10 years old to show her this, she loved the movie as much as I did and she found your lantern totally awesome! (so do I! ;-)) I LOVE it, and love how you recreated some scenes from the movie, and gave the hair the importance it deserved! Superb project, your daughter must be over the moon with it... :-)

Jessica Bashaw said...

Absolutely love it! Great job! :) When do I get it in the mail? Seriously when? LOL

Bee's hive said...

This is so sweet, and I think I teared up a little bit. That part with the lanterns in the movie actually got to me and I welled up with tears, it was just so pretty and innocent. Keep up the great work, you are a true artist!

Kasi said...

How adorable!!!!

Steph @ Crafting in the Rain said...

Love love love the movie and your lantern!

Thienly Azim said...

Wow - what a work of art! So much thought went into making this one beautiful lantern! I love all the details - the twine, the rhinestone sun, the lanterns that lights up.... gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this with me!

Jani said...

Oh Anna! Wonderful job on this project. I love every detail. Such a creative use of everything from the cutouts to the twine/hair. You rock!

Ruthie @ SeptemberNinth said...

Hi Anna Dawn!

I LOVE your lantern! So cleaver the way you used the twine for her hair.

I have yet to see Tangled, but now I really what too.

Ruthie :)

Janie said...

Not much into movies, but I love your lantern. Passing thru for the scavenger hunt.

Janean said...

This is so cute!! Are you selling these?

Angela the Closet Crafter said...

I just stumbled on this today and I have to tell you your lantern is amazing! I also love the movie Tangled and your creation is very inspiring!

Stephanie Cruson said...

I'd like to make this lantern on my cricut but now that you can't use MTC on cricut, do you have any suggestions?



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