Monday, August 8, 2011

Spur of the moment - Circus Party Decorations

A friend of mine asked me for some party ideas and as we were brainstorming we totally loved the idea of a circus/carnival party! I know there have been a lot of them floating around on party blogs, and I knew we could get some cute ideas from them!

I also have a couple friends who let us borrow some fun concession food machines for it! We had a Cotton Candy machine, a PopCorn Machine, and a Snow Cone machine!! So fun! And Yummy!!!

I volunteered to help make a few decorations for the party. There wasn't a lot of time, so I just kept it simple. I made some party hats, popcorn boxes, a banner, and a few random paper decorations.  Hope you like it!!

Don't the kids look soooo darn cute in their party hats!!! Also, I love the pics of them eating the cotton candy! Talk about a sugar high!! :-)

The Ducky with the Bullseye on it was for a squirt gun game, but it started raining so we had to take the party indoors and didn't get to play it. The milk bottle cutout was going to go over the game where the kids throw a ping pong ball into a bunch of plastic cups. I was sad that it rained!! :-(

The hats were soooo simple it's not even funny! I used the cone svg from


and modified it a bit to fit a child's head.

The Popcorn Box is from the Summer Blockbuster kit by SVG Cuts and all the fun paper cutouts were from one of their kits called A Day At The Carnival.

The font on the banner is called Clowning Way, in case anyone was wondering! Lol!

Thanks for checking out my quickie version of some circus decorations!! :-)  If I had more time to prep, I would definitely do more! But I was really pleased with how it turned out for such last minute!


Jani said...

It is all soooo cute! You can tell the kids are having fun too. Don't ya just love it when a party comes together like that:)

The Leishman Family said...

You did such an amazing job, seriously you are beyond creative!! Your decoration are what made the party, especially since it was moved inside because of the weather...I cannot thank you enough!!


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