Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mobile- Pink and Green

Okay, so a lot of you might have already seen pictures of this mobile, since I have pics of it up on my facebook, and in my ETSY shop. But it's too pretty not to post on my blog as well.

Originally I really wanted to make this mobile with some cute paper hearts like these:

Since the room has a quilt on the wall with hearts and diamonds on it. But, I also wanted to make sure that she got origami flowers on her mobile because that's what she originally said she wanted.

I love it when people give me complete creative control, but I also need some boundaries sometimes... Anyways, the origami flowers just didn't mesh well with the paper hearts on the mobile together. I ended up making her a mobile AND a garland just so I could do those cute hearts!

I love this last picture because you can actually see how the flowers spiral downward around the outside of the mobile!  And here's the garland!

See the mobile in the mirror?!! So cute! I love how cute her room turned out! Thanks for stopping by!

If you like this, you can get one of your own to match your child's room by visiting my ETSY shop!

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