Thursday, April 23, 2009

365 Cards Day 52 & 54

Day 52- Tuesday's Trio

The Challenge was to use a Brad, Blossom, and Circle. I made a circle chipboard album with a paper folded blossom. I made the album using up cereal boxes. I really did double duty with the circle part of the challenge because not only is my album and pages circular, the blossom is also made by cutting out and folding 9 smaller circles. I'll show you how at the end of this post.

Next up is Day 54- Recycled Elements

I hope it doesn't matter that my project wasn't about making a card, for this challenge or Tuesday's Trio, but I love playing with paper so this is what I came up with.

I have been holding onto these little boxes that EmmaLee's medical supplies come in FOREVER!! Well, finally I have a reason to use them. I've wanted to re-cover them for a while but I guess I just needed a good push, like playing along with 365 Cards Blog!! I love it!
...And I made it coordinating to hold the little circle album.

Once I finish the album with pictures and stuff, I will add a title to the front of the box. I was thinking something simple like "friends" or "my friends", then I can use up all my random pictures of friends on the inside with some journaling about them or something.
(Wow, my ribbon is really wrinkled!! Ignore it, I'll fix that later.)

Short Tutorial- Paper Folded Blossom

Start by cutting out 9 circles, you will use 8 for the blossom, the 9th is just a base for gluing the others onto.
1. Fold all 9 circles into quarters. ( In half one way, then in half the other way) Then on 8 of them make score lines from the left and right horizontal line down to the bottom vertical line. (see picture)

2. Turn paper over and fold up on score lines.
3. Turn paper over again and fold the flat edges you just made by folding, into the center lining it up with the vertical line. Do on both sides and press down firmly.

Then just arrange and glue them to your last circle by fitting two "blooms" into each quadrant that you folded, matching the tips with the center.


PaulaM said...

OMG - you 'stole' my idea!! Actually, I thought about using CD's to make a 'card'. I still will. But, I also want to THANK you for this short tutorial. This is AWESOME!!

Brit said...

Good job at combining two challenges. Love all the recycled elements and the color combo!

~amy~ said...

really spectacular project and tut!!!

Toni Lightwood said...

Wow super! Great reuse idea, and thanks for the detailed photos showing all the steps!

Vicky said...

Wow! Anna Dawn - this is Beautiful!! Thanks for the tutorial on the flower - I definitely want to give that a try! Those boxes are great for recovering and creating gifts - love, love, love it!!

Dolce Deb's Designs said...

AWESOME!!!! You are very clever not only did you reuse items you combined the challenges. This would make such an incredible gift.

Thanks for the great tutorial as well.

Fi said...

Fantastic album, I love the papers, just beautiful colours. Fantastic recycling project. Thank you for your tutorial, I will have to give these flowers a go.

willow said...

Fantastic idea, great papers, thanks for the tut on the flowers will have to give those a try

Alicia said...

Love this album idea!! Great job!

Rose said...

Fantastic for todays challenge!! Thanks for the instructions on how to make the flower :-) I have left you something on my blog...

Karen Lee said...

WOW....I love this project! I'll have to try those flowers!

hugs, Karen Lee

AUsome mom said...

Great project, great tutorial, great blog.....ALL OF IT!! Perfect-o job!

Rose said...

Anna just copy the pic and the instructions into a post then pick others to pass it on to. be sure to link to their blog so others can visit them :-)

Motherhood for Dummies said...

holy crap you have been a busy little bee! That box is so dang cute. Anna Dawn if I wasn't so in 'ah' of you I would hate you! You are awesome!!!

Leah said...

I love your project, it came out just fabulous!! Thanks for visiting the Paper Blooms blog:) PLEASE play along with us! You do NOT need to have any blooms from the shop to play! Hope to see you there:)


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