Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Carrot Party

This party was pretty much canceled, so I wasn't going to make any decorations for it. Then, the night before, (it's always last minute with me, right!) I decided I wasn't gonna let the fact that I had no funds deter me!!

So I stayed up ALL night, which I've been know to do quite often when I'm pressed for time.... and created this


I arranged the tablecloths like this to resemble the colors of a carrot... 
sometimes I do weird details like this that aren't obvious to everyone...

I just found some Easter Coloring Pages online and printed them out for people to color as they arrived.

This 3D Paper Chocolate Bunny was SOOOOO cute! 
I used him as the table centerpiece with these little carrot containers.

He's a printable from Lettering Delights here:

Um, yeah... I made carrot cups. 
Cuz I'm crazy like that! Or so everyone keeps telling me...

Oh my, our Easter Brunch was so adorable!

These little bunny pancakes were floating all over the web,
so I had to try them myself!
The tutorial is here: 

Of course Bunny Pancakes have to have Carrots to go with them!

You have to make the outlines first,
then fill them in with the pancake batter.
They are ready to flip when the bubbles start to pop.

Plastic Easter Egg Carrots
I just threaded some green yarn through the holes on the top! Easy!

I made an Easter Scavenger Hunt for the kids. 
It had to be SUPER easy, so my clues are kinda lame...
but the kids had such a blast!!
All the clip art on the clues is the same set
from Letting Delights: Easter Beasties,
oops, except the basket, it's from this set.

One of the Easter Presents at the end of the Scavenger Hunt was a pink windsock, which was defective and we couldn't hang. So we made our own!! We used the Printable Eggs from the clip art and stapled crepe paper to them!! Quick and Easy!

This is the last clip art I swear! I absolutely fell in LOVE with this set
and most all sets from Lettering Delights actually!

They are still doing Dollar Days- so you can get some super cute graphics for CHEAP! 
That's what I did!!

Thanks for checking out my impromptu, Easter Carrot Party! 
It wasn't everything I wanted it to be, but that's what happens when you wait til the last minute!

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Motherhood for Dummies said...

OH my gosh, those are seriously so cute. I am going to have to copy that for next year. Oh we can move out there and have the party together!!!

Jenni Price said...

Hi Anna!

Your party turned out adorable! The little details you put into everything was neat to see! Your bunny pancakes and carrots turned out really cute! I'm so glad you had fun with them!


Kelsey @ Tattered and Inked said...

Wow! this party is beyond cute- I bet if you do end up doing a pirate party it'll be fantastic :) Keep checking back all week for more pirate fun. Thanks for your sweet comment!

Lisa said...

What a fun party! I'm visiting from Under a Cherry Tree's linky party! You're stuff is sooo cute!


Jin Yong said...

OMG, Anna Dawn! I love your party and all the LD stuff but those PANCAKES!! I love those pancakes! Thanks for including the link on how to make them. I must make these for my kids. Thanks so much for sharing and thanks for playing inmy linky party. :-)


Jani said...

This is so awesome. I love everything about it! Such a creative mind!

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