Friday, December 3, 2010

New Mobile with Baby Carriages

My Newest Mobile:

I made this for a friend to match her baby's nursery. She requested something in greens and pinks.

I surprised her and made it to match the baby's quilt by adding baby carriages to it.

This is the quilt the baby's grandmother made. It's beautiful!

I tried to make the baby carriages as similar as the ones on the quilt. This carriage is from the New Arrival Cricut Cartridge. I welded a flower to each wheel in Design Studio to replace the spokes and make it look like the wheels on the quilt.

Here's some views from the bottom looking up. (the baby's perspective) :-)

And some of the flowers close up....

All the flowers on this mobile are 3-D. The carriages and dots are double sided, but flat. To make the small flowers I used 4 of the same 1" punched flowers, folded in half and glued to each other. The larger flowers in the center of the mobile have 6 pieces and are 2 1/2" big.

My friend loves her mobile, and it was the sweetest thing that she almost started crying when she saw it the first time. She hired me to make two... so now I'm off to work on the next one!

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