Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hooray for Naked Day!

Today was Naked Day at our house...

Although I did joke that I was getting kinda cold, it was actually only Ethan who ran around Naked all day. When my husband called during the day and commented that I sounded unusually happy, I told him it was Naked Day- which means we all run around naked... and of course he told me to take lots of pictures... Dirty Man! :-)

Well, we have been trying to POTTY TRAIN Ethan! On Monday my friend Carolyn suggested that we try a Naked Day, and it TOTALLY WORKED!! Sweet Success! All day we only had 1 accident. Which is amazing for Ethan considering all the days we have tried "Potty Training In A Day" which basically means he wears only underwear all day and I sit him on the seat like every 30 minutes. On those days we have Nothing BUT accidents. In fact on those days he usually doesn't even use the potty ONCE, just the couch, floor, kitchen chairs... you got it.

Well today there was ONE accident, the first one, and then... NO MORE!!!! Can you tell how excited I am about this?? I did hit a point during all this that was too funny not to giggle out loud about when he started running into the bathroom to go, Seriously, every 45 seconds after finishing the hand-washing, putting a sticker on the chart routine. Think maybe he just really wanted those stickers?? Which, mind you, he only got if there was some actual byproducts in the potty. Wow, now I'm getting a little too detailed I think.

Well, I did as my husband instructed and took a few pictures... don't worry I tried to clean them up as much as I could...

Although I will say this, even though he's only 3 there were several occasions that my daughter and I felt kinda awkward... I mean it's a BOY... running around NAKED. Eeeeewwwww!! :-)

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