Thursday, May 27, 2010

Quilts for Kids- Sponsored by Downy

I made this quilt from a kit that was sent right to my door by an organization called Quilts for Kids. They are a wonderful group of people that make handmade quilts and deliver them to children who have been hospitalized for various reasons from illnesses and disease to injuries and broken bones.

The kit they sent (which you can request online) came with all the fabric you need most of it already cut. They supply you with a quilting pattern for which the fabric was cut to size and a Downy label to name your quilt and sign your name.

There are a few requirements when you make it, like it must be machine quilted within every 2 inches or so. I had a lot of fun with that part, designing the pattern for the quilting lines.

I especially like how the diagonal lines look in the outer borders.

In my opinion, the backing fabric they gave me was cuter than the front and I like the way it turned out best.

I named it Rails 'N Tails- which was my mom's suggestion.

I'm just glad that my quilt will go to a child in need of comfort, and hopefully bring a smile to their face. :-)

If you want to learn more about Quilts for Kids visit their website:

This is a video from their site, it takes a while to load, but it's worth it.

Oh- and I already received my second quilt kit from them!! I can't wait to get started! I have a really neat idea for using my cricut with this one too!

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