Friday, August 8, 2008

Pretty Boxes

I have suddenly become obsessed with making these adorable tiny boxes! I have made like 9 of them in a week! Well, I actually made 6 in one night as a handout for the cute girls in my Activity Days Group (church group) after we visited the Anchorage Recycling Center. (sadly i forgot to take pictures of those ones!)

And now you ask..."What do those boxes have to do with recycling?"

Well I made them from the cardboard boxes that your bulk snacks come in. Such as granola bars, fruit snacks and oatmeal packets that come from Sams Club or Costco. It isn't like actual corrugated cardboard, it's more like chipboard, and it's not as flimsy as cereal box material.

This one's my fav! I love the huge pearl heart button!

I have to give proper credit, I learned how to make these from here:

The Scrapbook Lounge- It's such a cool site!

1 comment:

shelly said...

wow! all of your boxes are just beautiful! this one your say is your favorite is also matches my stocking challenge for the BBTB :) thanks for the link for the directions will definetly be giving this a whirl! shelly


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