Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Really Easy Cupcake Box Tutorial

So do you remember these cupcake boxes from the last day of school?

They are SOOOOO easy and I have had a few people ask how I made them...  So here is my short, and very informal tutorial.  Please don't judge my diagrams, I made them quickly in Paint instead of super perfect and accurate in Photoshop like I really wanted to do.

The box is super simple (especially with a scoring tool or scoring blade on your trimmer) it's just a square that you score into 9 equal sections. (Yes I know mine aren't equal... I told you it wasn't going to be perfect)

Then cut off the corners, and score from the inside square's corners to the middle of the cutoff section. Fold on all score lines. The corner flaps inside the box will stick straight into the center, but once there is a cupcake in there you can just tuck them to the side so they don't stick into it.

If you want to fold over the top sides of the box (for double sided paper, and if the box is a little too tall), cut the corners down a little farther and score about 1/2 inch lower on each side. Then fold them over and glue.

Like I did on these ones...

The insert (to hold the cupcake centered) and the Lid are basically the same.

You need to glue the flaps on the Lid, but not on the insert (I actually just cut the corners of the insert all the way off).

To make the cutout in the center of the lid I used Design Studio and placed a square (the same size as my lid's center) on my DS mat and centered an image into it. Load your cricut mat with your lid placing the center part in the same place on your mat as the DS mat (I usually do it towards the middle at about 4 inches in and 4 inches over). Then delete the square from the DS mat and press cut on your computer.

I just cut some plastic from a page protector that I glued on the inside of the lid to make the window in the box.

I hope this isn't confusing or missing any important steps...
Good Luck!

And if you make one using this tutorial, I would love to see it!! Leave me a comment so I can check out yours!


Gopi said...

Hi Anna!

I came across your cup cake box tutorial and just had to try it myself! I actually made a video tutorial while doing it which I'll post on my blog sometime today...will post pics as well.

I'd love to credit you for the tutorial that I found on your blog. Not sure if I'd be casing your project or crediting you for the tutorial...please let me know,and will def post it...thanks again!

Scrapporreia (Linda) said...

so cute! and your diagrams are just fine. :)

mary said...

Thank you so much I have looked At many sites, and you explain how to make a cupcake box perfectly.


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